Water Temperature Predictions

Summary: Unusually low temperatures can result in substantial fish kills. A model predicting low water temperatures (~ 45 F or less) within 24 hours notice can allow coastal stakeholders to take some measures to try to minimize the fish kills. CBI developed a model to predict water temperatures in the middle and upper Laguna Madre. This is a joint project with the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA). We have water temperature predictions for two locations so far, Bird Island Basin and Rincon. In the upper Laguna Madre the Intracoastal Waterway water temperature is largely homogeneous both in depth and location. The temperature predictions at both stations will therefore be generally very similar. We implemented the Rincon del San Jose model in case data was missing at Bird Island but the predictions can be used interchangeably.


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NOTE: Predictions are generated on-the-fly. It may take a minute for the graphs to load. Please be patient.

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Water temperature predictions are no longer operational.

Until 2014 the Conrad Blucher Institute built and managed all technical aspects of the TCOON network including real-time data dissemination. The related computational infrastructure was leveraged to enable other services to the coastal community including real-time predictive models such as water temperature and water level predictions. After over 20 years funding ended in August 2014, lapsed and resumed in summer 2015. CBI role is presently very different and no longer involves management and distribution of the TCOON data. 

Efforts are underway to create a simpler system information technology system to restore the prediction system. Proposals have been submitted but so far unsuccessfully. Undergraduate students are continuing to make progress towards restoring coastal prediction systems based on real time measurements and NOAA gridded model outputs.


Bird Island Basin (presently not operational)

Rincon del San Jose

(presently not operational)

Models development was sponsored by a grant from the Coastal Fisheries Division of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and the Coastal Conservation Association Texas.