Nueces River Water Quality Monitoring

With the expanding population and the growing demand for water supply, it is becoming increasingly crucial to monitor and understand the physical and biological dynamics of our freshwater resources. The City of Corpus Christi Water Department and the Conrad Blucher Institute have been monitoring water quality in the Nueces River since September 2012 to better understand the water quality leading to the city of Corpus Christi water supply. Three monitoring sites along the Nueces River at the Nueces River intake station, San Patricio Estates and at the Wesley Seale Dam report water temperature, specific conductance, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Additionally, these water quality monitoring stations also report air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and precipitation. Data are utilized by the City of Corpus Christi Water Department as well as the Nueces River Authority to help implement management strategies of freshwater along the Nueces River watershed including the Choke Canyon and Lake Corpus Christi reservoirs.

Data Access