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CBI’s Coastal Dynamic Lab (CDL) focuses on providing tools, visualizations, precise measurements, models, apps, and conducts broad research driven monitoring programs that support local, state and federal resource managers along the Texas Coast.

CDL projects apply real-time coastal data for operational predictions and hydrodynamic models and compute coastal trends and long term predictions based on historical data. Extensive environmental data sets are integrated into apps and online tools to provide user-friendly and functional interfaces for the decision makers and the public. The focus of CDL monitoring programs is on morphologic change in inlet systems as well as along beaches and nearshores located along both bays and open coast. Services include precise coastal measurements and mapping, morphologic or hydrodynamic, tidal computations, relative sea level rise, inundation frequency estimates and gamma ray measurement services including sediment dating (Cs-137, Pb-210).


Develop and provide the best data driven information to coastal stakeholders and the public in a format facilitating planning and operational decisions.

Research & Projects

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