Surfside Beach



Surfside Beach is located in the Village of Surfside Beach, Brazoria County. The beach is located on Follett’s Island north of the Freeport Ship Channel between the Freeport Jetty and HWY 332 but the study area extends an additional mile toward the east. The beach has historically experienced accelerated erosion and shoreline recession to the point that substantial public and private infrastructure has been destroyed.  Surveys in the area have been conducted at varying alongshore extents related to nourishment projects and construction/repair of the revetment.  The backshore along the project area is devoid of a dune system along a continuous 3,400-ft stretch of beach backed by a revetment which extends the entire length of Beach Dr.  Isolated dunes are located near the west end of the beach between the parking lot at the Freeport jetty and east of the revetment by Oyster Drive.  Although shoreline advance was indicated along the project area and along the entire revetment during the 2014-2015 study period this reflects the contribution of the recent nourishment and is therefore considered transient and not applicable to future planning.  Recession has dominated along the revetment at Surfside with an average rate of change in shoreline position of up to ‑15 ft/yr observed as recently as the 2012-2014 study period.

Several beach maintenance projects including revetment construction (2008), revetment repair (2011), and two nourishment projects were completed during March 2011 and March 2012.  These projects were conducted under CEPRA 1015, 1109, 1471 and emergency project CEPRA 1511.  A limited, small-scale nourishment project (CEPRA 1570) was completed seaward and adjacent to the westernmost section of the revetment during March 2015.  The 2015 nourishment included the placement of a reported 37,300 cu yd of sand seaward of the revetment along 1,964 ft of shoreline


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